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March 2008

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on March 12, 2008.


The Board took the following actions:

*           Approved the minutes of the February 13, 2008 meeting.

*           Approved  the financial report

                        reviewed investment report

                        reviewed payroll, expenses, etc.

*           Discussed that our carryover balance will be $700-$750,000

                        have spent down $250,000 from one year ago.

*           Discussed options for funding - operating millage vs. income tax.

*           Discussed a future meeting of the finance committee to discuss options for the district.

*           Approved revised appropriations

*           Committee reports:

                        Building committee - working on Jarod's Law

                        Finance committee - to meet

                                    Audit is complete - report is not final

*           Non-renewed all supplemental contracts

*           Approved a resolution to accept the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission - authorized the necessary tax levies to certify to the auditor.

*           Passed a resolution of commendation to Jean Goettemoeller for her first place finish in FFA prepared speaking.

*           Approved changes to Board policy as presented.

*           Approved the following make-up dates as needed - May 23, 27, 28, 29.

            The board also agreed to add hours as needed.

*           Approved a $100 donation from Buckeye Ford for the FFA

*           Discussed traffic concerns on Huber Street.  We will speak to the Botkins Village Council concerning traffic.

*           Entered Executive session.

*           Hired Kris Vordermark as IT teacher for the 2008-09 school year on a 1-year contract.

*           Discussed the incidents of bullying for the first half of the 2007-08 school year.

*           Accepted the resignation of Shirley Elsass effective June 30, 2008.

*           Accepted the resignation of Patrick Elsass effective June 30, 2008.


Connie Schneider


Botkins School