January 2007 Reorganizational

Reorganizational Meeting - January 10, 2007

The Board of Education took the following actions:

* Elected P.Bradley Reed as President

* Elected Anita Uetrecht as Vice President

* Set compensation for 2007 at $40 per meeting not to exceed 12 meetings per year.

* Established the regular board meeting for 2007 for the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the high school media center.

* Designated Jack Koenig as the legislative liaison to OSBA for 2007 and Anita Uetrecht as student achievement liaison.

* Designated the Sidney Daily News and the Wapakoneta Daily News as the official newspapers for the Botkins Local School District.

* Set the mileage rate for 2007 at 40 cents per mile.

Approved the following standing authorizations for the treasurer:

* Authorized the treasurer to secure advances from the Shelby Co. Auditor when funds are available and payable to the school district.

* Authorized the treasurer to invest any inactive funds at the most productive interest rate.

* Authorized the treasurer to pay bills and make appropriation modifications as needed with the limits of the appropriation measure.

* Authorized the treasurer in conjunction with the Board President to borrow funds in anticipation of tax receipts.

Approved the following standing authorizations for the superintendent:

* Authorized the superintendent to employ such temporary personnel as is needed for emergency situations.

* Authorized the superintendent to serve as the district purchasing agent.

* Authorized the superintendent to be the district Title IX Compliance Officer for Botkins School district.

* Appointed Don Gerstner as the treasurer pro-tempore in the treasurer's absence during a board meeting.

* Approved the cost of bonding for the treasurer, school secretaries, superintendent, board president, and other school employees as necessary for calendar year 2007.

* Appointed the following board members to the administrative committees:

Building Don Gerstner and Jack Koenig

Finance & Audit Brad Reed and Jack Koenig

Negotiations Brad Reed and Jack Koenig

Foundation Brad Reed and Angie Woodruff

Park Board Angie Woodruff

Technology Brad Reed

CIC: Anita Uetrecht

Louise Sheeets Anita Uetrecht

Boosters Angie Woodruff and Jack Koenig

* Approved participation in the following programs:

all title funds CCIP, free lunch program, IDEA-B, drug free community, OneNet, SchoolNet Plus, and REAP, erate

* Set the cost to the public for copies of public records at 5 cents per page.


Connie Schneider