November 2014

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on October 13, 2014. The Board took the following actions:

v Donovan Brown, Sydney Steinke and Parker Geis shared their experiences at the Survivor Camp. Thanks were offered to the parents who helped chaperone and Mick and Jody Jones for hosting the Survivor Camp. Many skills were taught about surviving the wilderness.

v Approved the minutes of the September 8, 2014 regular Board meeting.

v Reviewed and approved the Treasurer’s report, the investment report and cash balance report as presented.

v The Park committee reviewed an agreement for the use of the park.

v Approved the 5-year forecast for the Botkins Local School District as presented.

v Approved all Activity Accounts for the Botkins Local School District for the 2014-15 school year.

v Hired the following substitute teachers at a rate of $85 a day and sub-aide at established rate:

§ Substitute Teachers: Casey Phillips, Madeline Green, Tammy Gross, Cindy Eversman, William Asman, Aubrey McCalla, Mark Vaughn and Jeff Cummons.

§ Substitute Aide: Amber Turnmire

v Hired the following extracurricular positions per salary schedule for the 2014-15 school year:

Atheletic Worker Ken Lemmon

Substitute Janitor Jane Maurer

Assistant Varsity Softball Coach Jenny Kinninger

v Accepted the resignation of Tony Rogers effective May 30, 2015.

v Concurred with OFCC concerning use of maintenance fund monies for maintenance activities for K-12 building.

v Approved to award the abatement contract to Total Environment Services for $93,765.00.

v Approved the updates to the Board Policy as presented.

v Reviewed updates on the building:

§ Landscape work continues – shrubs are being planted – grass has been seeded. We will be putting sod in the front of the building.

§ Furniture is arriving daily.

§ Final cleaning is in progress.

§ Bleachers have been installed.

§ Final punch-out has begun. It has been a tedious process and there have been some issues.

§ Appliances are being ordered.

§ The building will be closed to everyone Nov. 22nd – Dec. 1st. (This may vary depending on when they begin flushing. It will need to be closed 7 full days.)

§ Concrete is being poured on driveways.

§ Presented updated drawings of areas to be kept of the old school.

§ Work on the dedication ceremony has begun. All ideas are welcome.

§ Reviewed the traffic flow map which will be included in the newsletter and also posted on the webpage.

§ Site safety map is complete.

§ Phone charts/routing complete.