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April 2007

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on April 9, 2007.

Recognition of the Public:

            Lucas Greve - Community Club would like to use school grounds for the Carousel on June 8. 9, 10

            6th graders - did a presentation on the use of Palms and Blogs for instruction - presentations by Mrs. Brown, Mr. Rogers and students                        Derek Snider and Alex Hanby.


Heard Committee reports.


The Board took the following actions:

*           Approved the minutes of the March 8 Board meeting and the Special March 28 Board meeting.

*           Approved the financial reports and reviewed the investment report.

*           Approved the list of graduates pending the completion of all graduation requirements.

*           Authorized membership in the OHSAA for the 2007-08 school year.

*           Approved the 7-12 handbooks for the 07-08 school year with these changes:

                                    3-hour delay schedule

                                    Safety Drill Instructions


                                    Medications - allowing inhalers and epi-pens.

*           Approved the K-6 handbook for the 2007-08 school year:

                                    3-hour delay schedule

                                    Safety Drill Instructions


                                    Medications - allowing inhalers and epi-pens.

*           Approved the Faculty Handbook:

                                    3-hour delay schedule

                                    Safety Drill Instructions


*           Approved the use of the school grounds by the Community Club for the Carousel on

                                    June 8, 9, 10, 2007

*           Hired Park board employee - John Spangler at $9.06 per hour.

*           Hired Jody Marx as a substitute cafeteria worker.

*           Passed resolutions commending:

                        High School Choir - state qualifier

                        Scholastic Bowl Team - 4th in WSU competition

                        FCCLA Parliamentary Procedure Team - state qualifier

*           Entered into executive session to discuss personnel.

*           Left executive session.

*           Hired the following certified personnel:

                        1-year contracts -           Elizabeth Armstrong

                                                            Stacy Braun

                        3-year contracts -           Dan Knepper

                                                            Andy Rammel

                                                            Chad Berning

                                                            Krista Meyer

                                                            Jason Liette

                        Continuing -                   Tom Platfoot

                                                            Jeremy Pleiman

                                                            Erica Davidson

*           Approved the following contracts for classified:

                        Continuing -                   Kris Gold

                        2-year contract -            Art Zimpfer

*           Hired supplemental contracts:

                                    Lavelle Smith                Sophomore Class Advisor

                                                                        Athletic Director


                                    Harold Poppe               Yearbook Advisor

                                                                        Senior Class Advisor

                                                                        Academia Team

                                                                        National Honor Society

                                                                        Quiz Bowl Advisor

                                                                        Musical Director


                                    Melissa Grunden           Show Choir Director  (if enough students)

                                                                        HS/JH Solo & Ensemble

                                                                        Music Unlimited  (if enough students)

                                                                        8th grade advisor


                                    Craig Bowsher             Freshman Class Advisor


                                    Mark Roggenkamp       Sophomore Class Advisor


                                    Evonne Schnippel         Adult Volunteer Coordinator

                                                                        Safety Patrol


                                    Brett Meyer                  Boys’ Varsity Basketball Coach

                                                                        Boys’ Summer Basketball Coordinator

                                                                        Varsity Golf

                                                                        JV Golf


                                    Tom Platfoot                Jr. Class Prom Advisor

                                                                        Var. Girls’ Basketball

                                                                        Girls’ Summer Basketball Coordinator

                                                                        8th Grade Advisor


                                    Paula Owen                  Pep Band

                                                                        Orchestra Director Musical

                                                                        SH/JH Solo & Ensemble


                                    Jeremy Pleiman             7th Grade advisor

                                                                        Publicity agent


                                    Connie Schneider         Fall Activities Director


                                    Keith Puschel               Senior Commencement


                                    Andy Rammel               Boys’ Varsity Basketball Assistant

                                                                        Var. Softball Assistant Coach

                                                                        Jr. Class Advisor


                                    Beth Armstrong            H.S. Boys Cross Country

                                                                        H.S. Girls Cross Country

                                                                        Girls’ varsity track coach


                                    Bryan Trego                 Varsity Softball Coach

                                                                        Varsity Volleyball Coach

                                                                        Jr. Class Advisor

                                                                        Junior Class Prom Advisor

                                                                        Summer volleyball coordinator


                                    Stacy Braun                  Freshman Class Advisor


                                    James Smith                 Boys’ JV Basketball Coach

                                                                        Var. Baseball Coach


                                    Emily Bayless               Head Swimming Coach


                                    Lynn Pleiman                FTA Advisor

                                                                        Senior Class Advisor


                                    Jason Liette                  7th Grade Advisor


                                    Dan Knepper               Art Director Musical


                                    Sara Brown                  8th Grade Volleyball


                                         Susan Ware             Gifted Aid


                                         Randy Kuch            Boys Freshman Basketball Coach


                                      Eric Hulsmeyer           Boys 8th Grade Basketball Coach


                                        Gary Mullen             Girls Varsity Basketball Assistant


                                          Don Mack              Girls JV Basketball Coach


                                      Leslie Sawmiller          Girls 7th Grade Basketball


                                         Denise Jones           Girls 8th Grade Basketball


                                        Allison Mack            7th Grade Volleyball Coach


                                        Andy Rammel           JV Volleyball Coach


                                        Tracy Cooper           Jr. High Boys Cross Country Coach


                                        Tracy Cooper           Jr. High Girls Cross Country Coach


                                       James Johnson           Boys Varsity Track Coach


                                       James Johnson           Track and Field Events Assistant (Throw Coach)


                                       Kristin Grieves           High School Cheerleader Advisor


                                        Holly Russell             Jr. High Cheerleader Advisor


                                        Kevin Lynch             Boys' Varsity Soccer Coach


                                         Tim Brown              Boys' Varsity Soccer Assistant Coach


                                       Michael Foor             Girls JV Soccer Coach


*          Hired Jeff McPheron as K-12 Principal  --  2-year contract  --  15 extended days.

*           Adjourned


Connie Schneider