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April 2008

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on April 9, 2008.


Jean Goettemoeller gave her prepared FFA speech that earned her a first place in District.

Heard a request from Lucas Greve of the Community Club for use of our facilities.


The Board took the following actions:

*           Approved the minutes of the March 12, 2008 meeting

*           Entered Executive Session to discuss hiring/dismissal of employees and to discuss matters to be kept confidential by law.

*           Approved the employment of Kevin Lynch for the 08-09 school year per salary schedule.

*           Heard treasurer's report

*           Heard Committee reports -

                        Learned that we will be repairing the roof (1983 section) at a cost of $2200

                        Learned that we will be repairing the parking lot due to a leaking pipe.

                        Discussed the possibility that we will be placing an income tax on the November ballot.

*           Approved the list of 2008 graduates as presented.

*           Authorized membership in OHSAA for the 2008-09 school year.

*           Approved the 7-12 handbook for the 08-09 school year as presented.

*           Approved the K-6 handbook for the 08-09 school year as presented.

*           Approved the Faculty handbook for the 08-09 school year as presented.

*           Hired Jerry Aselage ($8.59 per hour) and John Spangler ($9.21 per hour) to work on the ball diamonds at the park.

*           Passed resolutions commending the following:

                        Men's choir ensemble - Superior rating 'I'

                        FCCLA - State Qualifiers

                                      Parli Pro TEam

                                      Morgan Walker - Job Interview

                                      Marlee Miller - Fashion Design

*           Approved the following contracts:

                        Eligible 1-year:               Michele Meyer

                        Eligible 3-year:               Eileen Hemmert

                                                            James Smith

                                                            Lisa Kindelin

                                                            Vicki Steinke

                                                            Elizabeth Armstrong

                                                            Stacy Braun

                        Eligible continuing:         Stephanie Manger

                                                            Fred Schmerge

*           Entered a memorandum of agreement with BFT and Mrs. Schmitmeyer for employment for the 08-09 school year.

*           Entered executive session to discuss personnel.

*           Approved a continuing contract for Kelly Haught.

*           Approved supplemental contracts for the following:

                                                                 For 2008-09 School Year

                                    Lavelle Smith                            Sophomore Class Advisor

                                                                                    Athletic Director


                                    Harold Poppe               Yearbook Advisor

                                                                                    Senior Class Advisor

                                                                                    Academia Team

                                                                                    National Honor Society

                                                                                    Quiz Bowl Advisor


                                    Melissa Grunden                       Show Choir Director 

                                                                                    HS/JH Solo & Ensemble

                                                                                    Music Unlimited  (if enough students)

                                                                                    Sophomore class advisor 


                                    Evonne Schnippel                     Adult Volunteer Coordinator

                                                                                    Safety Patrol


                                    Brett Meyer                              Boys’ Varsity Basketball Coach

                                                                                    Boys’ Summer Basketball Coordinator

                                                                                    Varsity Golf

                                                                                    JV Golf   

                                                                                    JV Softball


                                    Tom Platfoot                            Jr. Class Prom Advisor

                                                                                    Var. Girls’ Basketball

                                                                                    Girls’ Summer Basketball Coordinator

                                                                                    8th Grade Advisor


                                    Paula Owen                              Pep Band

                                                                                    SH/JH Solo & Ensemble


                                    Jeremy Pleiman             7th Grade advisor

                                                                                    Publicity agent


                                    Connie Schneider                     Fall Activities Director


                                    Keith Puschel               Senior Commencement


                                    Andy Rammel               Boys’ Varsity Basketball Assistant

                                                                                    Var. Softball Assistant Coach

                                                                                    Jr. Class Advisor

                                                                                    Var. Volleyball Coach Assistant


                                    Beth Armstrong                        H.S. Boys Cross Country

                                                                                    H.S. Girls Cross Country


                                    Bryan Trego                             Varsity Softball Coach

                                                                                    Varsity Volleyball Coach

                                                                                    Jr. Class Advisor

                                                                                    Junior Class Prom Advisor

                                                                                    Summer volleyball coordinator


                                    Stacy Braun                              Freshman Class Advisor


                                    James Smith                             Boys’ JV Basketball Coach

                                                                                    Var. Baseball Coach


                                    Lynn Pleiman                FTA Advisor

                                                                                    Senior Class Advisor


                                    Jason Liette                              7th Grade Advisor


                                    Jeff McPheron              Student Council Advisor

                                                                                    Winter Activities Advisor


*          Accepted a $180 donation for the music/arts -- by area dart ball teams.


*          Adjourned


Connie Schneider, Superintendent

Botkins Local School