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April 2009

The Botkins Board of Education Met in regular session on April 8, 2009.

Hearing of the Public:

            A review of the upcoming 2-mill Permanent Improvement Levy.  This is a replacement levy.  There will be a presentation of the levy information at a Community Club Meeting on April 28th at 6:30 PM at Bubba's.  The Board encourages everyone to review information on the upcoming levy on the web page.  The election is May 5.


The Board took the following actions:

*           Reviewed and approved the minutes of the March Board meeting.

*           Approved the financial report by fund.

*           Reviewed the investment fund.

*           Reviewed payroll expenses and receipts.

*           Amended the certificate of estimated resources and made supplemental appropriations as presented.

*           Committee Reports -- no updates.

*           Approved the list of graduates for the Class of 2009.

*           Authorized membership in the OHSAA for the 2009-10 school year.

*           Approved the following handbooks for the 2009-10 school year:

                        7-12 Handbook, K-6 handbook, and Faculty handbook

*           Employed the following personnel:

                        Certified --

                                    1-year               Kris Vordermark

                                                            Ryan Gutman

                                    3-year               Emily Bayless

                                                            Paul Owen

                                                            Bryan Trego

                                                            Michele Meyer

                                    Continuing        Janine Schmitmeyer

                                                            Sybil Koenig


                        Classified --

                                    Continuing        Art Zimpfer

                                    2-year               Tina Flora

                                                            Tony Rogers

                                                            Don Ellinger

                                                            Ken Lemmon

*           Hiring of Supplemental Contracts --

                        Harold Poppe   -           Yearbook Advisor

                                                            Senior Class Advisor

                                                            Academia Team

                                                            National Honor Society

                                                            Quiz Bowl Advisor

                                                            Musical Director


                        Melissa Grunden -         Show Choir

                                                            HS/JH Solo/Ensemble

                                                            Music Unlimited

                                                            Sophomore Class Advisor


                        Evonne Schnippel -       Adult Volunteer Coordinator

                                                            Safety Patrol


                        Brett Meyer -                 Boys' Varsity Basketball Coach

                                                            Boys' Summer Basketball Coordinator

                                                            Varsity Golf

                                                            JV Golf

                                                            JV Softball


                        Tom Platfoot -               Junior Class Prom Advisor

                                                            Var. Girls' Basketball Coach

                                                            Girls' Summer Basketball Coordinator

                                                            8th Grade Advisor


                        Paula Owen -                 Pep Band

                                                            HS/JH Solo & Ensemble


                        Jeremy Pleiman -           7th Grade Advisor

                                                            Publicity Agent


                        Connie Schneider -        Fall Activities Director


                        Keith Puschel - Senior Commencement


                        Andy Rammel - Boys' Varsity Basketball Assistant

                                                            Var. Softball Assistant Coach

                                                            Jr. Class Advisor

                                                            Var. Volleyball Coach Assistant


                        Beth Armstrong -           Coed Var. & JH Cross Country Assistant Coach

                                                            Varsity Track Coach


                        Bryan Trego -                Var. Softball Coach

                                                            Var. Volleyball Coach

                                                            Jr. Class Advisor

                                                            Jr. Class Prom Advisor

                                                            Summer Volleyball Coordinator


                        Stacy Braun -                Freshmen Class Advisor


                        Lynn Pleiman -              FTA Advisor

                                                            Senior Class Advisor


                        Jason Liette -                7th Gr. Advisor

                                                            Boys' JV Basketball


                        Dan Knepper -               Art Director Musical


                        Jeff McPheron -            Student Council Advisor

                                                            Winter Activities Director


                        Erica Davidson -           Musical Assistant Director


                        Ryan Gutman -  8th Gr. Advisor

                                                            Coed Var. & JH Cross Country Coach

                                                            Varsity Track Coach


                        Chad Berning -  Freshmen Class Advisor


                        Lisa Kindelin -               Gifted Coordinator


                        Kris Vordermark -          Boys' 7th Gr. Basketball

                                                            Var. Baseball Coach


*           Entered Executive Session to consider the employment, dismissal, discipline and/or investigation of charges against a public employee.

*           Made a motion to leave Executive Session.

*           Adjourned


Connie Schneider


Botkins Local School