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April 2014

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on April 9th  , 2014. The Board took the following actions:


v  Reviewed info for the permanent improvement levy on the ballot.

v  Reviewed the expenditures of the federal funds for IDEA funds.

v  Approved the minutes of the March 12th, 2014, Board of Education regular meeting.

v  Approved the Treasurer’s report by fund, the Investment report and cash balance report as presented.

v  Reviewed Committee reports – Scholarship committee will meet; park board stated will need to redo dugouts.

v  Approved the list of graduates of the Class of 2014 as presented, pending completion of all necessary courses. They are:

Connor James Billing                                   Calen Thomas Meyer

                                    Shelby Jane Boyd                                         Cameron Victoria Middleton

                                    Emily Ann Brown                                           Roger Mark Miller

                                    Ryan Matthew Case                                     Elizabeth Marie Rose Morris

                                    Bethany Ellen Christman                              Hanna Marie Oakley

                                    Rachel Nicole Cooper                                  Nicholas David Okuley

                                    John Lee Copeland, II                                   Erin Joy Place

                                    Brandon Michael Crawford                          Alex Jeffrey Roberts

                                    Haley Ann Dietz                                             Preston Edward James Running Hawk

                                    Michaela Grace Dietz                                   Aaron Michael Schipper

                                    Brock Anthony Fullenkamp                          Lindsey Lee Schneider

                                    Andrew Joseph Gerstner                             Denise Clare Schwartz

                                    Andrea Kay Goettemoeller                          Derek Thomas Shaffer

                                    Zachary Joseph Greve                                 Ryan Thomas Smith

                                    Vicki Louise Grillot                                        C.J. Taylor Steinke

                                    Seth Wendell Hanna                                     Spencer Christopher Stutsman

                                    Carly Marie Harshbarger                             Josie Anne Weatherhead

                                    Chelci Brionne Jones                                   Dakota Thomas Whyte

                                    Andrew Scott King                                        Caleb John Will

                                    Rebeccah Ann Knoop                                  Derek Alexander Woodall

                                    Courtney Sue Kohler                                    Gavrielle Monroe Woodruff

                                    Michaela Marie Kramer


v  Approved participation in OHSAA for the 2014-15 school year.

v  Adopted the following resolutions of commendations for the below:

FCCLA State Qualifiers:

¨      Parli Pro Team consisting of members Zach Greve, Roger Miller, Nick Okuley, Alex Roberts, Aaron Schipper and Spencer Stutsman earned a Gold rating.

¨      Chapter Showcase Manual (Senior) members Brooke Borhnorst, Mackenzie Brown, and Kaitlyn Schmerge earned a Gold rating.

¨      Environmental Ambassador (Senior) members Noah Burton, Amber Buehler and Katie Skinner earned a Silver rating.

¨      Parli Pro Team II consisting of Bethany ChristmanMakayla Dietz, Andrea Goettemoeller, Vicki GrillotBecca Knoop, Courtney Kohler, Erin Place and Denise Schwartz earned a Silver rating.

JETS Team:

¨      The Botkins JETS team finished in 2nd place in the Grade 9 & 10 Division at the JETS Teams Competition held at Ohio Northern in February. The team consisted of Nathan Platfoot, Kyle Maurer, Ryan Egbert, Drew Ewry, Jared Goubeaux and Amber Buehler.


¨      The Botkins FFA had three members compete in the District 5 Public Speaking contest. Carly Harshbarger placed 1st in Advanced Creed, Micah Smock placed 1st in Beginning Prepared and Michaela Kramer placed 2nd in Extempt! All three individuals qualified to compete in the State Public Speaking contest.


v  Adopted the 7-12 handbook for the 2014-15 school year as presented.

v  Adopted the K-6 handbook for the 2014-15 school year as presented.

v  Approved the Classified handbook for the 2014-15 school year as presented.

v  Approved the Faculty handbook for the 2014-15 school year as presented.

v  Approved the Athletic handbook for the 2014-15 school year as presented.

v  Adopted the changes to the board policy manual as presented.

v  Approved the following overnight trips:

FCCLA National Convention – San Antonio, Texas – July 4th through July 11th .

FFA Camp – Camp Muskingham – Dates have not yet been determined.

General Livestock Judging Camp – The Ohio State University - June 23rdthrough June 25th .

Boys Basketball Camp – Findlay University – June 16th and 17th

v  Approved Derek Baumer, Dana Koch, Jeremy Pleiman and Matt Schmerge to serve on the Agricultural Education and Botkins FFA Advisory Committee.

v  Hired Terry Wilt on an as needed basis to do park maintenance at $10.00 per hour.

v  Adopted the resolution for the use of the school grounds for the Carousel as presented.

v  Accepted the donation of $49,260.20 from the Botkins Athletic Boosters to be used for the track and $100 from Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. for the Power of the Pen. Also accepted, $500 for the Carl SerrScholarship and $500 for the Becky Grillot Scholarship.

v  Adopted the Resolution to participate in State Contract pricing.

v  Entered executive session to discuss contract status and renewal for personnel.

v  Employed the personnel listed below to the listed teaching contracts effective August 2014 at the salary schedule to be adopted:


Teachers eligible for 1-year contract

        Richard Brandeberry

        Laura Mack

        Kristen Ruppert


Teachers eligible for a 3-year contract

        Jacquelyn Russell

        Vicki Steinke

        Heather Thaman – Part-time Teacher contract

        Ashlee Zimpfer


Teacher eligible for a Continuing contract

        Phil Groves


v  Employed the personnel listed below effective August 2014 at the salary to be adopted.


Staff eligible for a 1 year contract

        Tina Flora (completing partial year contract for Aide)

        Dennis McPheron (completing partial year contract)


Staff eligible for a 2 year contract

        Susan Covelli

        Chelsea Rogers

                                        Jane Fullenkamp


The following staff member eligible for a 2 year contract effective 8/1/14

        Adam Fullenkamp



The following staff member eligible for a Continuing Contract effective 8/14

        Dorothy Gehrlich

        Connie Greve



v  Approved a resolution for construction documents authorizing the commencement of bidding and advertising for bids for contracts for loose furnishings.

v  Building updates  -

o   The sign for the school will require approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals. The board will hear our request to allow this sign since its size is outside the scope of what the village allows. This meeting will be held on April 15, 2014 at 6:30 PM . They will make a decision on that date.

o   Total Cost Worksheet – Reviewed expenses for the entire project.

v  We received Martha Holden Jennings grant award for Professional Development.

v  The track is on schedule to be completed and work will begin the week of April 21st.

Learned our district is 100% highly qualified staff.