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January 2015

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on January  14, 2015. The Board took the following actions:

v  Josh Meyer attended the meeting to discuss the possibility of keeping the old gymnasium.  It was mentioned that that option had been considered and it was cost prohibited.

v  There was a public hearing to seek input on 2015-16 school calendar. We will review hours to determine if we can move exams to before break.

v  The Community Club was present to request the use of school grounds and also the use of the new facility for Carousel. Carousel will be held June 12th – 14th, 2015.

v  Approved the minutes of the December 10th, 2014 Board of Education regular meeting.

v  Approved the Treasurer’s report by fund, the Investment report, and cash balance report as presented.

v  Approved the following Then and Now purchase order for Southwestern Ohio EPC – Insurance for the new building.

v  Heard from the following committees:

o   Finance & Audit – Discussion was held concerning tax valuation for tax year 2014. Valuation is now $63 million.

o   Park Board – Thanked the Board for payment for park usage.

o   Louise Sheets – Heard an update on Cole Field project involving tiling.

o   Boosters – Night at the Races – January 31, 2015 – discussion of soccer score board.

v  Approved the bus routes as presented with second half changes.

v  Set the cost of Drivers Education at $275 for Botkins students and $325 for non-Botkinsstudents for 2015-16 school year.

v  Accepted anonymous donation of the funds for a salt spreader and the chaise lounge and the donation of the SCAL Logo sign from the Class of 1983 in memory of Jeff Roberts.

v  Approved to join OSBA for the calendar year 2015 at a rate of $2513.

v  Accepted the following donations to be used for the Jeff Roberts Memorial Scholarship when established:

o   Terry and Sandi Wilt - $20

o   Terry and Sandra Pellman - $25

o   Thomas and Carole Hulsmeyer - $25

o   Bradley and Candace Esser - $50

o   Craig and Doris Ambos - $50

o   Robert and Stacy Motter - $50

o   Randy and Carolyn Robbins - $50

o   Dan and Dorothy Brown - $50

o   Wayne and Connie Schneider - $50

o   Anthony Rogers - $100

o   James and Cheryl Boyer - $100

o   Jeff and Andrea Metz - $100

o   Mike and Terrille Frilling - $100

o   Retired Teachers - $700

o   Family and Friends of the Jeff Roberts Family - $2765

o   The Heidout Restaurant - $1416

v  Hired the following personnel:

o   Meagan Card – Seasonal Worker

o   Connie Greve – Cafeteria and Janitor

o   Harold Poppe – Regular Sub

o   Jennifer Duncan – Regular Sub

o   Jana Barga – Regular Sub

o   Jessica Sommer – Regular Sub

o   Kaitlin Underwood – Throws Coach

v  Building updates – Students have made a smooth transition. We are working out minor bus with the building. Technology is 90% functional. Contractors are working to complete punch items. We will be adding additional parking spots to accommodate parking needs. Bid opening for demo/renovation project will be Wednesday, January 21st. Auction will be February 7th, 2015 at the old school building.