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May 2010

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on May 12, 2010.

Hearing of the Public-

            Audrey Gutman spoke on behalf of the Community Club -- request was made for the use of the lobby for a ping-pong tournament.

            The Community Club would like to gauge community support for parking on Cole Field.

            Nancy Solosie - Presented an award of excellence for EF exchange program.

            Parents/students were in attendance to discuss girls' soccer coaching.

*  Heard and approved the treasurer's report and fund balances.

*  Reviewed the SERS change to recoup funds so that payments are current.  There has been a 6-month lag in paying in SERS.  We have opted to pay this over 6 years.

*  Reviewed, updated, and approved the 5-year forecast.

*  Moved to transfer $45,000 to the severance account.

*  Learned the following:

            1)  Progress is being made at the park with the first level of the track.

            2)  18 local scholarships will be awarded.

*  Approved the following overnight trips:

            FCCLA National Convention                   July 2-8

            Boys' Basketball                                   June 21 and 22

            Volleyball                                              July 22-24

*  Approved Resolutions of Commendation for--

            Kurt Egbert - FFA - 1st in State

            General Livestock Team - 4th in State

                        Kurt Egbert, Jordan Fledderjohann, Dylan Newman, and Logan Russell(7th overall in state)

            FCCLA Jr. Parli Pro Team - gold rating at State Convention/National Qualifier -- Casie Bergman, Heather Brown, Colleen Greve,

                        Alex Hanby, Caitlin Lane, Colleen Maurer, Claire McCullough, Logan Pitts

            Mortan Walker - Interior Deisgn - qualified for National FCCLA Competition

*  Approved donations - $25 to Scholarship fund in memory of Jenny Degen and $2000 from Shelby Shooters

*  Accepted the resignation of Harold Poppe due to retirement effective May 31.

*  Hired the following personnel for summer custodial/tech aides--

            Custodial - Graham Counts, Justin Schwartz, Erin Schnippel, Brooke McGowan, Josh Schwartz, Morgan Fullenkamp at $7.30 per hour

            Tech Aides - John Haehn and Andrew Hruska at $7.30 per hour

*  Entered Executive Session to discuss personnel

*  Accepted the bid of Buehler Asphalt for the resurfacing of the north parking lot of $21,268

*  Heard the following updates:

            Erica Scully  -  Plug Into Books

            Jen Holtzapple and Sybil Koenig   -  Enhancing Math Through Manipulatives

            Lisa Kindelin  -  RO-Botkins - Biomedical Robotics

            Amy Landis  -  Virtual Iditarod and Cross Country Adventure

*  Graduation is Sunday, May 30

*  We received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

*  Counter complaint with Boomerang Rubber to reduce their tax liability.

*  We applied for Round 2 of RTTT

*  Am meeting with Grand Lake personnel to set up a partnership._


Connie Schneider, Superintendent

Botkins Local School