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May 2011

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on May 12, 2011.

The Board took the following actions:

*           Approved the minutes of the April 13 board meeting.

*           Approved the financial report by fund.

*           Reviewed the investment report.

*           Amended the 5-year forecast.

*           Transferred $45,000 from the general fund to the severance fund.

*           Approved the $5000 advance return from the Athletic Fund to the Playground Fund.

*           Approved the revised certificate and appropriations.

*           Approved a contract with Carol Riggle CPA for FY11 GAAP accounting and assistance with FY2011 modified cash basis report as needed

                        $4730 for GAAP and $1375 modified cash

*           Approved the Then and Now purchase order for Excess Costs for Sp. Ed.

*           Committee Reports

                        Foundation - scholarship recipients have been named and will be announced at graduation.

                        Technology - 3-year technology plan has been approved.  This is required for erate funding.

*           Authorized the superintendent to enter an agreement for a halftime trainer for a 2-year period at no cost to the Board.

*           Accepted a $2000 donation from the Shelby Shooters.

*           Approved resolutions of commendation for:

                        Lindsey Schneider - State FCCLA Officer for 2011-12

                        Shelby Boyd, Rachel Cooper, Lindsey Schneider (FCCLA) - qualified for Nationals

                        Chris Johnson, Caitlin Lane, Claire McCullough, and Logan Pitts (FCCLA) - qualified for Nationals

                        Seth Aufderhaar, Logan Russell, Jordan Fledderjohann, Jordan Marx - 2nd at State in the FFA General Livestock Judging

                        Amanda Koch - 2nd in State in FFA Nursery Operations Placement Proficiency

*           Approval of overnight trips --

                        Boys' basketball -- Findlay Camp -- June 20-21

                        FFA Livestock Judging Camp -- June 27-29  -  Columbus

                        Volleyball  -  Maumee Bay  -  July 21-23

                        FFA Big E FFA Livestock Judging - Sept. 15-18 - Springfield, Massachusetts

                        FCCLA - National Convention  - July 7-14  -  Anaheim, California

                        Language Club trip to France  -  June 22-30

*           Entered Executive Session to discuss personnel issues

*           Hired the following supplemental positions:

                                    Melissa Grunden                     HS/JH Solo & Ensemble

                                                                                    Music Unlimited 

                                                                                    Sophomore class advisor 

                                                                                    Musical Assistant Director


                                    Brett Meyer                             Boys’ Varsity Basketball Coach

                                                                                    Boys’ Summer Basketball Coordinator

                                                                                    Varsity Golf

                                                                                    JV Golf   


                                    Tom Platfoot                           Jr. Class Prom Advisor

                                                                                    8th Grade Advisor


                                    Paula Owen                             Pep Band

                                                                                    SH/JH Solo & Ensemble

                                                                                    Musical Assistant Director


                                    Jeremy Pleiman                       7th Grade advisor

                                                                                    Publicity agent


                                    Connie Schneider                    Fall Activities Director


                                    Keith Puschel              Senior Commencement


                                    Andy Rammel             Jr. Class Advisor

                                                                                    Var. Volleyball Coach Assistant

                                                                                    Var. Softball Coach Assistant

                                                                                    Summer Volleyball Coordinator

                                                                                    National Honor Society  ½ contract


                                    Beth Armstrong                      Yearbook advisor


                                    Bryan Trego                            Varsity Volleyball Coach

                                                                                    Varsity Softball Coach

                                                                                    Jr. Class Advisor

                                                                                    Junior Class Prom Advisor

                                                                                    Summer volleyball coordinator


                                    Stacy Braun                            Freshman Class Advisor


                                    Lynn Pleiman              FTA Advisor

                                                                                    Senior Class Advisor

                                                                                    Academia Team


                                    Janine Schmitmeyer                Senior Class Advisor

                                                                                    Girls’ Varsity Basketball Assistant


                                    Jason Liette                             7th Grade Advisor

                                                                                    Boys JV Basketball


                                    Dan Knepper                           Art Director Musical


                                    Jeff McPheron                        Student Council Advisor

                                                                                    Winter Activities Advisor


                                    Ryan Gutman              8th grade advisor

                                                                                    Coed Var. & JH Cross Country Coach

                                                                                    Boys’ Var. Track Coach

                                                                                    National Honor Society  ½ contract


                                    Chad Berning              Freshman Class Advisor


                                    Phil Groves                             Boys’ Freshman Basketball Coach

                                                                                    JV Baseball Coach

                                                                                    Sophomore Class Advisor


                                    Fred Schmerge                        Girls’ Varsity Track Coach

                                                                                    Co-ed Var. & JH CC Assistant Coach


                                    Sybil Koenig                           Adult Volunteer Coordinator


                                    Alex Hoying                           8th grade boys' basketball coach


                                    Jeff Roberts                            7th grade boys' basketball coach


                                    Heather Thaman                      Swim Team Coach


                                    James Johnson             High school track coach


                                    Kevin Lynch                           Head soccer coach


                                    Kristin Ruppert                       H.S. cheerleading advisor


                                    Tricia Mullen                           JV volleyball coach



*           Approved a resolution to accept the resignation of Connie Schneider as superintendent for retirement purposes effective at the conclusion of May 31, 2011; further resolved that Connie Schneider                     is employed as superintendent for a term beginning June 2, 2011, and at the conclusion of July 31, 2011.  Be it further resolved that Connie Schneider is employed for a term of August 1, 2011, and                        ending July 31, 2014, at a rate to be determined.

*           Hired the following summer seasonal workers:

                                    Morgan Fullenkamp

                                    Brock Fullenkamp

                                    Trent Bergman

                                    Justin Schwartz

                                    Josh Schwartz

                                    Jonathan Fisher

                                    Andrea Bergman

                                    Cameron Greynolds

                                    Rachelle Maurer


                        Evan Dietz/John Haehn as tech aides for $7.40 per hour, not to exceed 30 hours weekly.

*           Postponed the decision of Brown Double C tax abatement until further consultation and a special board meeting scheduled and held prior to May 24, 2011.

*           Heard updates on the following:

                        ^  Received 5 Copeland grants:

                                    Erica Scully                 The Kindle Experience

                                    Michelle Meyer            Improving Reading Achievement

                                    Luanne Powell            Readiness is a Key to Success

                                    Lisa Kindelin   Ro-Botkins – “Food Factor” Robotics

                                    Bryan Trego                Exploring History Through Podcasting

                        ^  Summer School will take place in July

                        ^  Graduation is Sunday, May 29, at 2:00 pm

                        ^  Discussed progress of RttT -- Staff development has been set.

**         Set a special Board Meeting for May 24th at 6:00.



Connie Schneider, Supt.

Botkins Local School