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May 2014

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on May 14th , 2014. The Board took the following actions:

v  The Board thanked the School District for their support of the 2 mill PI renewal levy.

v  Approved the minutes of the April 9, 2014 regular Board meeting.

v  Approved the Treasurer’s report by fund, the investment report, and cash balance report as presented.

v  Approved the amended a transfer from the General Fund to the Severance fund in the amount of $35,000.

v  Approved the amended 5-year forecast as presented by the Treasurer.

v  Adopted resolutions of commendation for the following:

FCCLA National Qualifiers:

¨      Environmental Ambassador (Senior) members Noah Burton, Amber Buehler and Katie Skinner placed 2nd at State and will be competing at Nationals.

¨      Parli Pro Team II consisting of Bethany Christman, Michaela Dietz, Andrea Goettemoeller, Vicki Grillot, Becca Knoop, Courtney Kohler, Erin Place and Denise Schwartz placed 1st at State and will be competing at Nationals.


                       FFA National Qualifiers:

¨      General Livestock Judging team members Micah Smock, Nolan Greve, Derek Shaffer and Hannah Wagner placed 5th out of 123 teams at Finals in Columbus.


v  Approved the overnight trip for Volleyball to Maumee Bay July 17-19

v  Hired the following personnel listed as summer tutors and coordinators:

Chelsea Rogers           Special Ed. Teaching Supplemental

Becky Spence              Summer Tutor

Casey Horstman          Summer Tutor

Becky Walters             Summer Tutor

Jennifer VanSkyock      Summer Tutor

Kristin Higgins            Summer Tutor

Leyna Bogart              Summer Tutor

Adam Fullenkamp        OGT and summer tutor

Andrea Koenig            OGT and summer tutor

                                Instructional Supplemental

Phil Groves                 OGT tutor

Janine Schmitmeyer     OGT tutor

Gina Rogers                Summer School Coordinator

Krista Meyer               Summer School Coordinator


v  Entered executive session to discuss hiring of personnel.

v  Hired the following personnel for supplemental for the 2014-15 school year at a salary to be determined:

Adam Fullenkamp        Athletic Director

Brett Meyer                Varsity Boys Basketball

Phil Groves                 JV Boys Basketball

Brad Schmerge            Freshman Boys Basketball

Jeff Roberts                8th Grade Boys Basketball

Dan Miller                  7th Grade Boys Basketball

Brett Meyer                Boys Summer Basketball Coordinator

Phil Groves                 Varsity Baseball Coach

Ryan Gutman              Coed Varsity & JH Cross Country Coach

Fred Schmerge            Coed Varsity & JH Cross Country Coach Assistant

Bryan Trego                Varsity Volleyball Coach

Jennifer VanSkyock      7th Grade Volleyball Coach

Haley Furrow              8th Grade Volleyball Coach

Bryan Trego                Summer Volleyball Coordinator

Ryan Gutman              Boys Varsity Track Coach

Fred Schmerge            Girls Varsity Track Coach

Allan Egbert               Track & Field Event Assistant (Pole Vault)

Brett Meyer                Golf

Brett Meyer                JV Golf

Audrey Gutman           High School Cheerleader Advisor

Barb Will                    JH Cheerleader Advisor

Heather Thaman         Head Swimming Coach

Kevin Lynch                Varsity Boys Soccer Coach

Jordan Paul                Varsity Boys Soccer Coach Assistant

Joe Welker                 Varsity Girls Soccer Coach

Janel Welker               Varsity Girls Soccer Coach Assistant

Beth Armstrong           Yearbook Advisor

Lynn Pleiman              Academia Team

Paula Owen                Musical Director

Marian Epperly            Musical Assistant Director

Melissa Grunden          Show Choir

Melissa Grunden          JH/HS Choir Solo and Ensemble

Paula Owen                JH/HS Band Solo and Ensemble

Jeremy Pleiman           Publicity Agent

Jeremy Pleiman           7th Grade Advisor

Jason Liette               7th Grade Advisor

Laura Mack                 8th Grade Advisor

Ryan Gutman              8th Grade Advisor

Stacy Braun                Freshman Advisor

Chad Berning              Freshman Advisor

Phil Groves                 Sophomore Advisor

Melissa Grunden          Sophomore Advisor

Tom Platfoot              Junior Advisor (1.5%)

Bryan Trego                Junior Advisor (1.5%)

Tom Platfoot              Junior Prom Advisor (1%)

Bryan Trego                Junior Prom Advisor (1%)

Janine Schmitmeyer     Senior Advisor

Lynn Pleiman              Senior Advisor

Ryan Gutman              National Honor Society (1/2)

Jason Liette               National Honor Society (1/2)

Melissa Grunden          Music Unlimited

Ryan Loy                    Student Council Advisor

Gina Rogers                Adult Volunteer Coordinator

Paula Owen                Pep Band

Connie Schneider         Fall Activities Director

Ryan Loy                    Winter Activities Director

Lynn Pleiman              FTA Advisor

Keith Puschel              Senior Commencement

v  Hired the following for summer seasonal workers and tech aide as presented:

Rachelle Maurer 

Bailey Schnippel

Erik Greve

Cameron Flora

Mitchell Goubeaux

Jared Goubeaux

Josh Miller

Aaron Fullenkamp

Jacob Cooper

Reid Manger

Christian Hoskins

Jocelyn Counts

Nolan Greve

Malia Prout

Isaac Oen


v  Accepted the resignation of Dan Knepper as of the end of the school year.

v  Accepted the resignation of Jeff McPheron effective August 1, 2014

v  Accepted the resignation of Emily Bayless effective May 31, 2014

v  Approved a $500 donation from Brad and Jessie Steinke for the Lego robotics for the gifted program.

v  Approved the program service agreement with the Shelby County Educational Service Center for the 2014-15 school year.

v  Results of OGT tests came in. The class did well overall.

v  The summer school calendar has been set. Mrs. Gina Rogers and Mrs. Krista Meyer will be coordinators. Summer school will be June 18ththrough July 18th.

v  Reminder that graduation will be held Sunday, May 25th at 2:00PM.

v  Special thanks to Evonne Schnippel for her outstanding work with Box tops. We earned $3854.06.

v  Reviewed the principal mentoring program for the new principal.

v  Loose furnishing bids will be approved at the June BOE meeting.

v  Fire Marshall conducted an inspection. No violations were reported.