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September 2015

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on September 17, 2015. The Board took the following actions:

*      Casey Dietz gave an update on Cole Field. Cole Field will be 90 years old. This summer volunteers helped with renovations. The transformation is amazing. September 26th is going to be a volunteer work day. Dugouts and back stops will be painted. They will be placing weed mats and crushed limestone. Leah Koenig will be painting the logo. A Sheets Grant was filled out for the next phase.

*      Approved the minutes from the August 12, 2015 regular board meeting.

*      Approved the Treasurer’s report by fund, the Investment report, and cash balance report as presented.

*      Heard Committee reports:

Building and Maintenance – Progress continues on renovations of the Athletic Complex. We have temporary occupancy for use of weight room and locker room area. Gym speakers will be installed next

Asphalt has been poured and striping is complete. Grass has been planted. Fuel tank permit has been granted. We hope to have full occupancy by mid-October.

Finance & Audit – Our audit continues to be in progress.

*      Adopted appropriations for the Fiscal Year 2016. Also, approved an Amendment to the Certificate of Estimated Resources.

*      Approved Nichole Moon from Wright State Lake Campus as a student observer two days a week with the kindergarten until Christmas.

*      Approved the following student athletic workers at minimum was as presented: Luke Bergman, Chad Bergman, Alex Bergman and McKenzie Depinet.

*      Agreed to post the current and future Casino revenue to the textbook set aside account. This is annually an amount of $32, 500.

*      Approved Chad Berning’s supplemental contract via the 5th Quarter Grant per salary schedule for the 2015-16 school year at $4,379.

*      Approved Jill Haywood and Cathy Bajwa as volunteers in the cafeteria.

*      Approved to designate the DP & L rebate to be receipted in to the Permanent Improvement Fund. The approximate amount generated $35,000.

*      Hired James Mullen for maintenance at 20 hours per week.

*      Approved the updates to the Board Policy.

*      Hired the following personnel per salary schedule as presented:

Brianna Bertke                                  Substitute Teacher

Kerry DuLaney                                  Substitute Teacher

Megan Miller                                     Substitute Teacher

Helen Ward                                        Substitute Teacher

Amanda Frey                                     Substitute Teacher

Carrie New                                         Substitute Teacher

Sara Hull                                               Substitute Teacher

Emma Kuck                                         Substitute Teacher

Ken Lemmon                                     Athletic Worker

Daniel Wyan                                       Athletic Worker

Olivia Schneider                                                Asst. Musical Director

Rita Monnin                                       Sub Aide

Harold Poppe                                    Erate

Kayla Sherman                                  Instructional Aide

*      Accepted a $1000 donation from Greve Farm and $50 donation from Phyllis Zorn for the scholarship fund.

*      Accepted the resignation of Holly Russell effective September 4, 2015.

*      The board heard updates on the following:

·         Reviewed enrollment figures. Our enrollment is 684 students. Our enrollment has increased since 2011-12.

·         Data has been released concerning 2014-15 testing. The state has released percentage of students who passed statewide. We will begin receiving results the first week of October. There will bill be 36 indicators this year.

·         Reviewed ACT scores for the 2014-15 school year. Five year averages were reported. These were our highest scores in 5 years. We were above the state  average in all areas. We were above the state average in college readiness.

·         Learned we met all requirements for our special ed for the 2014-15 year.

·         Our new building earned LEED Gold Certification.

·         Reviewed park agreement for calendar year 2016.

·         Learned we are one of the top 500 schools as determined by Newsweek for “Beating the Odds”.

·         We were also ranked as one of the top schools as reported by the Dayton Business Journals.