August 2009

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on August 12, 2009.

* Heard a presentation from Shelly Rohr, Energy Consultant from Dickman Supply concerning the energy savings programs offered by DP&L.

* Heard concerns from Brett Meyer concerning issuing of credits for P.E. for sport participation.

* Heard and approved the treasurer's report for June & July.

* Reviewed the investment report.

Approved the following:

* Kindergarten route for the 09-10 school year.

* A resolution of commendation to the district for earning an excellent rating on the local report card earning a 30/30.

* Hired the following substitute teachers for the 09-10 school year - Carolyn Jensvold, Tammy Gross, Lindsey Cooper, Kristie Hawkins.

* Hired Lavelle Smith as Drivers' Training manager and instructor.

* Held an executive session to discuss negotiations.

* Authorized for Jody to set the tuition rate as set by the ODE for the 2009-10 school rate.

* Approved the overnight trip to Eaton for cross country team for September 18 & 19 and extended the FFA judging trip an extra night.

* Adopted the policies and procedures for the Ohio Operation Standards for Children with Disabilities as prepared by ODE.

* Received $40 donation from Big Brothers/Big Sisters in memory of Jacob Freisthler and $160 from Brad Reed for the Don Gerstner Memorial Scholarship.

* Approved the rental of two of our classrooms from the ESC for the handicapped units at a cost of $4500 per classroom.

* Hired the following personnel per salary schedule:

Jane Fullenkamp A.D.

Kristin Ruppert H.S. Cheerleader Advisor

Holly Russell J.H. Cheerleader Advisor

Susan Ware 1/2 Gifted Coordinator

Kathy Roggenkamp Trainer for intervention coordinator

Jane Fullenkamp School nurse

* Approved a 3-year note to purchase a bus -- amount of $70,000 -- rate to be determined (3.51%)

* Approved the following -- Currently we have a full-time Title I position. Consideration was given to reduce the position to 6/8 time versus full-time. However, since the District has received ARRA-Title I funds which is a new source funds and since this position is clearly consistent with the use of the ARRA-Title I federal program, we will maintain the Title I position as full-time.

As of December 31, 2008, the Intervention Coordinator retired. She was rehired on an as-needed basis. It was the intention to not replace this position; however, since the District has received ARRA-IDEA I funds which is a new source funds and since this position is clearly consistent with the use of the ARRA-IDEA federal program, we will replace the full-time Intervention Coordinator position.


Connie Schneider, Supt.