December 2013

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on December 11, 2013. The Board took the following actions:

v FCCLA members Katie Skinner and Amber Buehler gave a presentation on FCCLA Leadership Camp and National Cluster in Omaha, Nebraska. Activities at both events were led by 1stNational Vice President Lindsey Schneider.

v Approved the minutes of the November 13, 2013 Board of Education regular meeting.

v Approved the Treasurer’s report by fund, the Investment report, and cash balance report.

v Transferred $81,500 from the general fund to the textbook setaside fund. This fund now has $20,000 in it.

v Committee Reports:

o Buildings and Maintenance-Another leak in the HS gymnasium was repaired.

o Finance and Audit-Learned the audit report was released and it was a clean audit.

o Foundation-The foundation committee was going to consider funds to support a HOBY representative.

v Hired the following personnel-

o Adam Fullenkamp-as a sub-History teacher at a per diem rate.

o Melissa Balbaugh as a substitute teacher.

o Dennis McPheron as maintenance/janitor.

v Moved to set the reorganizational meeting and the regular Board meeting for Wednesday, January 8th at 6:45pm and 7:00pm respectively. There will be a public hearing at the January 8th BOE meeting with the purpose of seeking input for 2014-15 calendar.

v Accepted the anonymous donation of $500 to the Drama Club.

v Adopted resolutions of commendations presented for:

o Freshman FFA Parli Pro Team-Micah Smock, Kayla Kohler, Ali’sia Hoskins, MaddieOkuley, Paige Oakley, Kaleb Hanby, Josh Miller and Jonathon Yenser.

o Directors, Cast, Crew and Pit for highly successful performances of the musical production of Cinderella.

v Approved the Washington, DC trip for the Class of 2019 from October 14, 2014 to October 19, 2014.

v Accepted the donation of sound equipment. Harold Poppe and Dale Schmidt generously donated the following items to the Botkins School on November 30, 2013.

o 2-Vocopro UHF-5800-HB Wireless Headset System @ $629

o 2-NuVoice UH-580/UL-580 Wireless Microphone Systems @ $629

o 1-Yamaha MG206C-USB @ $899

o 16-3ft. Pro-Audio XLR Male to XLR Female Cable @ $15

v Adopted the resolution as presented to approve CD documentation for the following: playground equipment, technology, and landscaping for the new K12 facility. Project will be going out to bid.

v Approved a resolution to remove the 2 mill PI levy off the ballot in February. The BOE intends to place it on the ballot in the spring primary to avoid paying the cost of putting it on in a special election.

v A draft calendar for the 2014-15 school year will be placed on the web page for review.

v Board of Education reviewed the actual expenditures for the consumable materials.

v We received the results of the 3rd Grade reading tests. 76% of our students passed the test. Over 58% of our students were either advanced or accelerated. We have interventions in place for those not meeting requirements of the 3rd grade guarantee.

v OSHA has new standard for Hazard Communication standards. 3 major changes-chemical classifications, labeling and Safety Data sheets. Mick is now trained and will be training the rest of the staff over Christmas break.

v The following grants were received from the Chamber of Commerce: Total=$3290.57

o Jan Jones-Improving Reading Achievement in Middle School Students through Literature-$834.00

o Maria Westgerdes-First Grade Guided and Independent Reading Project-$960

o Sara Brown-Be Unstoppable! $502.20

o Laura Mack-Got Motion? $994.37

v Progress on the building continues to be on time. The building will totally be closed in sometime in December. Interior block walls are being laid. Temporary heat and electricity have been installed. Windows have arrived and installation will begin after the 1st of the year. Roof work continues. When temperature allows, brick veneer is being laid. The bid packages for technology, landscaping and playground equipment are being prepared. This package will go to bid sometime in February. The final bid package will be loose furnishings.