February 2008

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on February 13, 2008.

The Board took the following actions:

* Approved the minutes of the Reorganizational Meeting of Jan. 9, 2008.

* Approved the minutes of the January 9 regular meeting.

* Heard that the auditors have completed the audit and will be scheduling a post audit meeting.

* Approved the financial reports.

* Reviewed financial status of the district. Due to flat line funding of ODE and cutbacks, we reveiwedtotal operating funds.

1981 was the last time we have had operating funds - over 26 years.

We have dropped off 7 mills bond retirement.

Carryover balance in June - $750,000

June 09 - will drop below $400,000

Carryover less than 60%

* Heard committee reports:

Building - repairs to the boiler

parking lot has a problem with the freeze and thaw

Park Board - is selecting new members

Scholarship Committee has been established

Louise Sheets - 2nd round of funds

Boosters - Successful Night at the Races

* Hire the following personnel:

Brett Meyer - JV Softball

Jason Liette - JV baseball

Allison Mack - swimming

Tracy Cooper - JH track

Jessica Lunz - substitute teacher

Jennifer VanSkyrock - substitute teacher

* Approved overnight trips:

FCCLA - State Convention - April 17-18

FFA - State Convention - May 2 - 3

* Approval of Book fees for 2008-09 school year as presented.

Increase technology fees to $15 for grades 7-12 and planner fees to $7.00

* Approved the following spring/fall field overnight trips:

5th grade - COSI - March 13-14

6th grade - Henry Ford/Greenfield - May 8-9

8th grade trip to D.C. - October 14-19

* Approved revisions to the 08-09 calendar as presented.

* Heard updates on the following:

Reviewed the year-to-date earnings from the Botkins Local School Foundation -

total market value $116,434

Learned we received a $20,000 eTech PD grant - Lynn Pleiman and Stacy Braun

will be working with this project.

Heard the ODE approved our Acceleration Policy.

* Adjourned

Connie Schneider, Superintendent

Botkins Local School