January 2020 Re-Organization

The BOE met on January 8th for the reorganizational meeting and took the following actions:

  • Swore in new Board Members.

  • Elected Neil Boerger as the President of the Botkins Board of Education for the calendar year 2020.

  • Elected Mark Goubeaux as the Vice-President of the Botkins Board of Education for the calendar year 2020.

  • Set the compensation for Botkins Board of Education members at $40 per meeting for the calendar year 2020 with compensation not to exceed 12 meetings per year.

  • Established the date of the 2nd Wednesday of each month, the time of 7:00 PM and the location of the school media center as the standard date, time and location for the regularly scheduled meetings of the Botkins Board of Education during 2020.

  • Designated Mark Goubeaux as the Botkins Board of Education legislative liaison to the O.S.B.A. during 2020.

  • Designated Mark Goubeaux as the Botkins Board of Education student achievement liaison during 2020.

  • Designated the School Treasurer as the Botkins Board of Education member or designee to attend the Public Records Training as required by Ohio Revised Code during 2020.

  • Designated the Sidney Daily News and the Wapakoneta Daily News as the official newspapers of the Botkins School District during 2020.

  • Approved expenses for board members, teachers, administrators, and classified staff members for attending a professional meeting and when conducting school business, to set the mileage rate at .50 cents per mile.

  • Approved the following standing authorizations:

Botkins Treasurer

1. Authorize the Treasurer to secure advances from the Shelby County Auditor when funds are available and payable to the school district.

2. Authorize the Treasurer to invest any inactive funds at the most productive interest rate.

3. Authorize the Treasurer to pay bills and to make appropriation modifications as needed within the limits of the appropriation measure.

4. Authorize the Treasurer in conjunction with the Board President to borrow funds in anticipation of tax receipts.

Botkins Superintendent

1. Authorize the Superintendent to employ such temporary personnel as is needed for emergency situations.

2. Authorize the Superintendent to serve as the district purchasing agent.

3. Authorize the Superintendent to be the district Title IX Compliance Officer for Botkins School District.

  • Appointed Scott Bayless as the treasurer pro-tempore in the treasurer's absence during a board meeting.

  • Approved the cost of Bonding for the treasurer, school secretaries, superintendent, board president, and other school employees as necessary for the calendar year 2020.

  • Appointed Board members to the following Administrative committees during 2020:

Negotiations: Neil Boerger and Mark Goubeaux

Park Board: Scott Bayless and Chris Monnin

CIC: Chris Monnin

Louise Sheets: Mark Goubeaux

Boosters: Jason Wendel and Scott Bayless

Scholarships: Jason Wendel

  • Approved participation in the following for 2020-21: all Federal/Title funds associated with the CCIP, free lunch program, VoAg matching grant, Ohio K-12 network, etech, REAP, AP Virtual Learning, Ohio School Safety Grant, BWC Safety Grant.

  • Set the cost to the public for copies of public records at .10 cents per page for the 2020 year.