Joint With Village

The Botkins Board of Education joint meeting with the Botkins Village Council met on March 14, 2016. The Board the following was discussed:

Discussed the future plans of the old playground and park area. The gray storage building is in a state of disrepair. There are no immediate plans for the building. The school will continue the maintenance and up keep of the playground and Cole Field.

The board passed a resolution to release the covenant on the tennis court.

The Village removed all existing covenants on the track property.

Discussed posting signs for State Champions and Runner-Ups at the corporation limits.

The east sidewalk does not go to the end of the street and there are some concerns with this.

The Village has established rules and regulations for the Community Park.

Reviewed the future plans for the completion of the track.

6 of the 10 lots have been sold in the new subdivision. By Christmas, people will be in houses.

May work together on winter snow and ice removal.

2 additional employees for mowing of the park and maintenance.

Capital Expenses:

1) Wind screen (equipment) with lettering on wind screen.

2) Installing batting cage.

3) Tennis Courts

The Park Board will be Ryan Piche, Lance Symonds, Steve Heuker, Matt Frilling, Andy Yenser, Fred Schmerge, Mark Goubeaux, and Matt Flora