July 2016

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on July 13, 2016. The Board took the following actions:

Approved the minutes of the June 8, 2016 Board of Education regular meeting and June 20, 2016 Special Board meeting.

Approved the Treasurer’s report by fund, the Investment report, and cash balance report as presented.

Approved the bus routes for the 2016-2017 school year. Bus routes will be posted on the web page.

Hired the following positions as presented for the 2016-2017 school year per salary schedule:

o Jeff McPheron Fall Activities Director

o Luanne Powell Tutor during the day – 1 day

o Janice Locker Tutor during the day – 2 days

o Jennifer Luebke Tutor during the day – 2 days

o Mike Free ½ Bus Route Driver

o Bryan Trego Varsity Softball Coach

o Ryan Gutman Boys Varsity Track Coach

o Fred Schmerge Girls Varsity Track Coach

o Kaitlin Underwood Track and Field Events (Throw Coach)

o Keith Puschel Senior Commencement

o Donna Bogart Cafeteria Worker

o Becky Walters At-Risk Tutor

o Tina Flora Driver’s Training Instructor

o Lavelle Smith Driver’s Training Manager

o Rita Monnin Sub Aide

o Paula Owen Musical Director

o Marian Epperly Assistant Musical Director

o Debbie Faulder Aide

Hired the list below of substitute teachers for the 2016-2017 school year at a rate of $90 per day.

o Kendra Berryman

o Whitney Rogers

o Becky Walters

o Mark Vaughn

o Rick Russell

o Mariah Hoge

o Amber Turnmire

o Karen Christman

o Erica Lyme

o Jennifer Luebke

o Andy Raterman

o Kristen Hollis

Hired the following substitute bus driver's as presented for the 2016-2017 school year.

o Chad Berning

Susan Covelli

Scott Nanik

Dan Knoop

Ken Lemmon

Susan Leugers

Robert Reed

Hired the following substitute employees for the 2016-2017 school year. Hired Mary Lou Pitts as a consultant and substitute cafeteria worker as needed for the 2016-2017 school year.

o Susan Leugers – Cafeteria

o Jeanie Bergman – Cafeteria

o Donna Bogart – Janitor

Moved that transportation to Sidney Christian Academy is impractical and the Board will pay Mrs. Joe Morris and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Swartz in lieu of providing such services.

Accepted the resignation of Jeanie Bergman and Jennifer VanSkyock effective immediately.

Moved to enter the program services agreement with the Midwest Regional ESC for Fiscal Year 2017.

Approved the following Then and Now purchase order:

o Kinstle Western Star Truck-Bus Repair; PO #53597 in the amount of $3,362.83

Accepted a donation of $32,000 from the Botkins Athletic Boosters through the Community Foundation of Shelby County for the track and soccer bleachers.

Approved the cross country overnight trip to Cedarville on September 17, 2016.

Hired Connie Schneider as a Transportation Supervisor and as a Consultant on an as needed basis.