June 2017 Special

The Botkins Board of Education met on June 13th, 2017 for a special board meeting with the Botkins Village Council and took the following actions:

  • Waived the reading of the minutes of the May 16, 2017 regular Board meeting and the minutes of the May 28, 2017 special board meeting.
  • Discussed the fencing at Cole Field concerning removal of certain portions of fencing, the fence adjacent to pool/basketball court, ease of access on lane and the potential fencing of baseball field. The village is willing to help remove fencing with labor and equipment.
  • Discussed the storage building adjacent to the pool concerning long term vision for the space, joint effort towards beautification and safety and liability concerns.
  • Discussed the Botkins Community Park in regards to more effectively meeting needs and increased involvement in planning, capital project needs and the batting cages.
  • Discussed the parking along the Park lane concerning potential safety hazard, joint enforcement and communication with the parents, athletic clubs and visiting teams. The village will try to help with enforcing this.
  • The Botkins Local School requested assistance with removal of tree near Cole Field. The village will take a look at this.
  • Discussed future projects for the Soccer/Track Complex. The Athletic Boosters would like to do a concession stand and another building in the future and lights.
  • Updated on the Subdivision plans.
  • Discussed the storage building. Inquired about any restrictions on building. Village will check in to this. Drainage will need to be checked before building.