May 2013

The Botkins Bully Busters (6th grade students – Grace McCafferty, Nicholas Fischio, and Sarah Klaus) gave a presentation to the board. These students competed at the Youth for Justice Summit. Their presentation was entitled ‘Think Twice/Be Nice’. Their efforts earned a $460 grant.

The Village Council, Mayor, and Village Administrator Jesse Kent spoke to the board concerning the track land and the transfer to the board.

The Board took the following actions:

· Approved the financial report by fund.

· Approved the investment report.

· Amended the 5-year forecast.

· Approved a transfer from the general fund to the severance fund due to staff retirements.

· Approved an advance from the General to RttT – AVID fund for FY14 for $17,700.

· Amended the Certificate of Estimated resources and made supplemental appropriations as presented.

· Approved the following resolutions of commendations for:

Lindsey Schneider – State FCCLA officer for 2013-14

FCCLA Chapter Showcase Manual Team

FFA Livestock Judging Team – 1st in State

Team members - Michaela Kramer – 1st

Logan Russell – 2nd

· Approved overnight trips:

FCCLA National Convention July 5-11 – Nashville, Tennessee

Volleyball camp July 18-20 Maumee Bay, Toledo

French trip – June 24-July 3, 2013

· Hired Jan Jones as a substitute tutor for the 2012-13 school year.

· Hired Kristin Ruppert on a 1-year probationary contract as a 2nd grade teacher for the 2013-14 school year. Salary to be determined.

· Hired Chelsea Rogers on a 1-year contract as a Special Ed. aide for the 2013-14 school year.

· Hired Susan Covelli as the 7-12 secretary effective May 22, 2013.

· Hired supplemental contracts for the 2013-14 school year (spring sport coaches will be hired in June).

· Hired seasonal workers for janitorial staff – minimum wage:

Seth Hanna, Malia Prout, Jocelyn Counts, Jared Goubeaux, Cameron Flora, Spencer Stutsman, Bailey Schnippel, Emily Holbrook, Reid Manger, Christian Hoskins, Rachelle Maurer, Mitchell Goubeaux, Roger Miller

· Accepted the following donations:

Shelby Co. ESC governing board – Smart board and projector

Mark & Kathy Roggenkamp - $100 for the Art Fund

Phyllis Serr $250 and Connie Schneider $250 for Carl Serr family scholarship.

· Approved entering an agreement with Wilson Memorial Sports Medicine trainer for a 3-year period.

· Moved into executive session to discuss purchase/transfer of land.

· Accepted the donation from the Botkins Athletic Boosters for the track land.

· Approved the joining of the Western Ohio Soccer League.

· Approved a motion to reject all bids for track surfacing and asphalt and to authorize the superintendent to rebid the track project – the asphalt and track surfacing as a combined bid.

· Received the Emerson Climate Grants:

Sybil Koenig and Jen Holtzapple – Math Matters

Michele Meyer – Using Trade Books

Emily Bayless – Listening Lab

Stacy Braun – Using iPad application Shakespeare in Bits

· RttT – learned that we are a pilot for IIS – full implementation will be 2013-14 school year

· PD for the summer has been set.

· New teacher evaluation policy will be adopted in June.

· Louise Sheets Grant – school received $11,000 to begin the Preserving History project.

· District received $3262.10 in Box Tops for Education – Special thanks to parents, students, and Evonne Schnippel


Connie Schneider, Supt.

Botkins Local School

Listed below are the supplemental contracts hired at the May 8, 2013, Board meeting for the

2013-14 school year (spring sport coaches will be hired in June):