May 2015

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on May 13, 2015. The Board took the following actions:

Heard the proposal on the Louise Sheets Grant award for Cole Field. Work will proceed with Cole Field. Total grant award $18,757.

Heard a proposal from Kevin Lynch for a JH soccer program.

Approved the minutes of the April 14, 2015 regular meeting.

Approved the Treasurer’s report by fund, the Investment report, and cash balance report as presented.

Approved the amended 5-year forecast as presented by the Treasurer.

Approved a transfer from the General Fund to the Severance fund moved $40,000 into severance.

Moved to enter executive session to discuss employment of personnel, supplemental andcontracts.

Hired the following extracurricular positions per salary schedule for the 2015-16 school year:

v Adam Fullenkamp Athletic Director

v Brett Meyer Boys Varsity Basketball

v Ryan Gutman Boys Varsity Basketball Assistant

v Jason Christman Boys 8th Grade Basketball

v Rick Geyer Boys 7th Grade Basketball

v Dan Miller Boys 7th Grade Basketball

v Mike Maurer Girls Varsity Basketball

v Kristen Altstaetter Girls Varsity Basketball Assistant

v Janine Schmitmeyer Girls JV Basketball

v Katherine Greve Girls 8th Grade Basketball

v Ryan Piche Girls 7th Grade Basketball

v Brett Meyer Boys summer basketball coordinator

v Mike Maurer Girls summer basketball coordinator

v Phil Groves Varsity Baseball Coach

v Dennis McPheron Varsity Baseball Assistant

v Paul Patton Varsity Softball Coach

v Megan Buetner Varsity Softball Assistant

v Ryan Gutman Coed Varsity & JH Cross Country Coach

v Fred Schmerge Coed Varsity & JH Cross Country Coach

v Bryan Trego Varsity Volleyball Coach

v Logan Pitts JV Volleyball Coach

v Katherine Greve 8th Grade Volleyball

v Jennifer VanSkyock 7th Grade Volleyball

v Bryan Trego Summer Volleyball Coordinator

v Ryan Gutman Boys Varsity Track Coach

v Fred Schmerge Girls Varsity Track Coach

v Allan Egbert Track and Field Events Assistant – Pole Vault Coach

v Kaitlyn Underwood Track and Field Events Assistant – Throw Coach

v Jason Christman JH Boys and Girls Track Coach

v Brett Meyer Varsity Golf

v Brett Meyer JV Golf

v Audrey Gutman High School Cheerleader Advisor

v Barb Will JH Cheerleader Advisor

v Heather Thaman Swimming Coach

v Kevin Lynch Varsity Boys Soccer Coach

v Jordan Paul Varsity Boys Soccer Assistant

v Paul Dingledine Varsity Girls Soccer Coach

v Riley Luthman Varsity Girls Soccer Assistant

v Beth Armstrong Yearbook Advisor

v Lynn Pleiman Academia Team

v Paula Owen Musical Director

v Marian Epperly Musical Director Assistant

v Jane Hough Musical Art Director

v Melissa Grunden Show Choir Director

v Melissa Grunden JH/HS Solo and Ensemble

v Paula Owen JH/HS Solo and Ensemble

v Jeremy Pleiman Publicity Agent

v Jeremy Pleiman 7th Grade Advisor

v Jason Liette 7th Grade Advisor

v Laura Mack 8th Grade Advisor

v Ryan Gutman 8th Grade Advisor

v Stacy Braun Freshman Class Advisor

v Chad Berning Freshman Class Advisor

v Phil Groves Sophomore Class Advisor

v Melissa Grunden Sophomore Class Advisor

v Tom Platfoot Junior Class Advisor (1.5%)

v Bryan Trego Junior Class Advisor (1.5%)

v Tom Platfoot Junior Class Prom Advisor (1.5%)

v Bryan Trego Junior Class Prom Advisor (1.5%)

v Janine Schmitmeyer Senior Class Advisor

v Lynn Pleiman Senior Class Advisor

v Jason Liette National Honor Society – ½

v Ryan Gutman National Honor Society – ½

v Melissa Grunden Music Unlimited

v Keith Puschel Senior Commencement

v Ryan Loy Student Council Advisor

v Gina Rogers Adult Volunteer Coordinator

v Paula Owen Pep Band

v Connie Schneider Fall Activities Director

v Ryan Loy Winter Activities Director

v Lynn Pleiman FTA Advisor

v Tina Paul – MH Incentives-AP Recycling Coordinator

Hired Katherine Greve for 6th grade teacher on a 1 year probationary contract per salary schedule.

Moved to hire the following certified staff members for the contracts as presented:

v Teachers eligible for 1-year contract – Jason Christman, Rachel Gregg, Jane Hough, Ashleigh Ratermann

v Teachers eligible for 3-year contract – Laura Mack, Kristen Ruppert, Paula Owen, Bryan Trego

Approved Luanne Powell and Mariah Hoge as summer school tutors.

Moved to hire summer seasonal workers as presented:

v Austin Fullenkamp, Aaron Fullenkamp, Jenna Pitts, Michaela Ary @ $8.10 per hour

v Mariah Hoge and Alex Roberts @ $9.50 per hour

Moved to hire Marissa McCormick as a substitute teacher.

Moved to accept the resignation of Tony Rogers – Bus driver, Casey Phillips – Instructional Aide and Jeff Dorsey – Industrial Tech/Drivers Ed. Instructor effective May 31, 2015.

Moved that Botkins Local School will not provide students in grades 7 & 8 with CTE for the 2015-16 school year and will apply for a CTE waiver.

Accepted the donations of $1,000 from Phyllis Serr for the Serr Scholarship and $1,000 from First National Bank for a scholarship.

Approved a contract with Carol Riggle, 015 GAAP Accounting and assistance and for the FY 2015 Modified Cash Basis/ OCBOA reports. Cost would be $4,730 for GAAP and $1,375 for Modified Cash Basis/OCBOA.