September 2013

The Botkins Board of Education met in regular session on September 11, 2013. The Board took the following actions:

· Approved the minutes of the August 14, 2013, Board of Education regular meeting.

· Approved the Treasurer’s report by fund, the Investment report, and cash balance report as presented.

· Approved the legal level of control for appropriations at the fund level for all funds.

· Adopted the appropriations for the Fiscal Year 2014 and approved amendments to the certificate of estimated resources.

· Hired the following personnel as presented per the adopted salary/salary schedule: Brad Schmerge-9th grade boys basketball coach; Kristen Altstaetter-Varsity Assistant Girls basketball coach; Corrine Metzger-Substitute Teacher; Jennifer Hunt-Substitute Teacher; Janelle Lowry-Substitute Teacher; Erin Reese-Substitute Teacher; Shirley Umstead-Substitute Teacher; Cherie Fark-Tutor; Janice Locker-Tutor; Phil Snider-Substitute Janitor.

· Approved the following as student athletic workers to be paid at minimum wage: Mikaila Lawrence, Lakota Running Hawk, Mitchell Goubeaux, Josh Aldrich, Isaac Oen, Chelci Jones, Chad Bergman and Kaylee Bailey.

· Approved the overnight trips for the FCCLA to attend the Fall Leadership meeting in Marengo, OH October 14th and 15th. Also approved for the FCCLA to attend the National Cluster meeting November 22nd through the 24th.

· Approved Adam Fullenkamp as the Tournament Manager at a rate of $100 per tournament and sectional game.

· Appointed Anita Uetrecht as the delegate to the 2013 OSBA Annual Business meeting and in the event the delegate cannot serve, Jack Koenig has been appointed as the alternate.

· Entered a 3 year lease agreement at 2.1% interest with DeLage Landen Public Finance to purchase a 2014 stock bus at $78,132 from Cardinal Bus sales.

· Entered Executive Session to review hiring of personnel.

· Posted the Casino revenue received in August 2013 of $15,132.13 to the textbook set aside account.

· Adopted Board of Education policy for OPES-principal evaluation.

· Hired Teresa Featheringham as a Treasurer’s aide for 3-5 hours per week.

· Amended the 1 year contract of Heather Thaman for the 2013-14 school year. Added more time per day.

· Amended Jane Fullenkamp’s contract to reflect an additional 4.5 hours per week.

· Entered the Program Service agreement with the Shelby County ESC and for the 2013-14 school year.

· Passed a resolution to permit the use of waiver days for the 2013-14 school year.

· Building updates: Brick laying is scheduled to begin Sept. 20. The concrete in the gym is scheduled to be poured Sept. 19. We reviewed the playground layout and finalized it so that it can go to bid. We selected the color of the gym mats and bleacher colors. Reviewed the wall words. Reviewed the landscaping design for the first review. No decisions were made on this yet.

· Learned that the roof repair on high school gym is scheduled to begin on Friday Sept. 13.

· Reviewed enrollment numbers, class sizes and budget with respect to the guarantee.

· Reviewed our LRC

· Discussed the agenda for the joint village board meeting which will be held on Wed. Sept. 18

Heard an update on RttT for year 4.